Rhinoceroses and Humans

Rhinoceroses and Humans

Rhinoceroses and Humans

Rhinoceros and Humans Relationship

Humans and the Rhinoceros have a relationship that isn’t productive for either of them. The Rhinoceros has long been concerned one of the most dangerous animals in the world. They thrive on instinct alone and they will attack humans when they feel that they are in danger. They don’t eat them but they can charge at them. Due to the size and strength of these animals serious injury or death will occur with such incidents.

The fact that the Rhinoceros doesn’t have very good vision at all can play a huge role in how they are to humans. They can’t make out the difference between them and other animals in the wild. They have a desire to survive and so they will take on the challenge of anything that may be a threat to that. The fact that humans continue to be in the natural habitat of the Rhinoceros more frequently has resulted in more attacks.

It is believed that there are times when a human is in the natural habitat of the Rhinoceros and they have a scent that the animal isn’t familiar with. They will use their sense of smell to get them to that direction and it may be what sets them off. It may not have anything at all to do with the human but a drive to get rid of a smell that is considered a threat to them.

As a result of this many humans find hunting the Rhinoceros to be the ultimate thrill. They pay for guided hunts to take them out into the wild where they can find them and take on this challenge. Other times such hunting is for one sole purpose – to make money from selling the horn of the Rhinoceros. This is a fact that has led to several of the species being very close to extinction.

Even though it is illegal to hunt the Rhinoceros there aren’t enough efforts in place to enforce it. Many of the villagers around these areas are poor so they take money from those that want to be guided into the regions where these animals live. There is still a demand and a high price paid for it. The risk involved with the hunt is outweighed by that quest to make a substantial amount of money.

In China the use of the ground up horns for medicine continues. However, they have decided to do it in a more controlled manner. Instead of killing the Rhinoceros they use tranquilizer guns. While these animals are sleeping they remove the horns and then they can wake up and go about their business. While not everyone is fond of this idea it is certainly better than killing them for the use of the horns.

Today the risk to humans when they hunt the Rhinoceros is less than before. They can use nets and high powered firearms. They can maintain a safe distance from these animals and still take them down. The risk to humans often comes in the form of being caught taking part in such actions more than anything else.

Yet the amount of money that can be made from the selling of the Rhinoceros horns continues to entice people to take part in it. The amount of money that people can make for selling Rhinoceros horns is unbelievable. The retail value on the black market is approximately $10,000 per pound. With the low numbers of these animals and the increased security to prevent poaching though that cost will only continue to skyrocket. Finding a way to offset this is very difficult even though efforts to do so continue to be experimented with.